Sunday, December 12, 2010

2d representation stencil design

i created my design by attatching the pinecone to the back of one of my fists. i cut out the darks so it was mor of an outline rather thatn a form. i used a black tank top as my canvas and put a large version of my design on each side to where the thumb knuckes touched on the center of my back and the pinecone "spikes" are wrapped around to the front. the stencil was done in hammered silver spray paint.

No pictures due to complications with the uploader.

clay character

I used an acorn as my inspiration for my clay character. His name is Frightened Frederick. He has large goved hands holding on his top. bulbous frightened eyes. small shocked mouth. skinny legs connected to large shoes. Details include, shoe laces, worry lines around his eyes, wood marks on top of accorn. he was nominated for best pose, best actor, most lively.

no picture due to complications with uploader.

representation drawings

i created several different versions of representations of my pinecone. I used tracing paper to create a multi-layer stencil using tracings of the different values in the pinecone. i used ink to blow it across the paper to make a less intentional design. other versions include geometric, silloette, etc.

again i cannot upload pictures due to complications with the uploader.


Our group decided to create a giant inflatable movie theatre where we played family guy from 11-2. we had a slight mishap when we tried to plug in a microwave to serve our viewers popcorn and we blew the breaker. our dimentions were app. 20x 12x 8.

well i cant upload the pictures i need due to the fact that google sucks and now im locked out of uploading pictures. so idk what im going to do for the grade i need.

Friday, December 3, 2010

bills lecture 12/3

Painting 1950-1980s

Abstract Expressionism:
Jackson Pollock "Jack the dripper"
Huge paintings

Franz Kline
Was on a postage stamp

Will Decune

Bryce Martin

The painted word

Pop art
andy warhol

Monday, November 29, 2010

representation 2

I decided to use my hands.









symmetric/ assymetric

negative space

 positive space


light and dark


bills writing assignment

Picture taken by me including someone i know

A. Purpose- to make tesha look like she has a penis, didnt really work out.
B. Emotional connection- Best Friends
C. Context intent- Veiwed by friends, a short period of time but perhaps more than once.

Picture taken of me by someone else

A. Purpose- Im not sure of her purpose but she thought it was cute
B. Emotional Connection- Best friend
C. Context intent- to be viewed by friends for a short period of time perhaps more than once

Picture of someone i dont know taken by someone i dont know

A. Purpose- to show the journey of a young musician
B. Emotional Connection- strangers
C. Context intent- to be viewed in a gallery of photos of real life people for a short period of time